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Gallery Sumukha
24/10 BTS Depot Road
Wilson Garden, Bengaluru 560 027    INDIA
Telephone: +91 (80) 2229 2230, 4120 7215
Fax: +91 (80) 4113 9985
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Gallery Sumukha
Bengaluru, India

Gallery Sumukha, Bengaluru begun in 1996, has evolved over the years and is currently housed in the largest private gallery space of South India, with a gallery in Chennai as well, which opened in 2006.

Sumukha caters to a wide audience, nationally and internationally, and has a history of working with external curators and artists from various parts of the world. It supports artists in terms of commissions and relevant spaces to expose their conceptual thinking, thus marking it as an international space. Simultaneously it presents Indian Contemporary artists abroad through exhibitions and participation in International Art Fairs.

Gallery Sumukha is a platform for established and next generation artists to showcase all forms and media of Contemporary Art, and offers a significant collection of contemporary work in all mediums – paintings, graphics, sculptures, drawings, and new-media such as installation, digital prints & digitilised photography etc., and presents on an average, a show a month.

The state-of-the-art lighting & display system enables Sumukha to hold slide shows, lectures and interactive sessions, which are well attended by the students of the local art schools, as well as art lovers and others.

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Gallery Sumukha, Bengaluru

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